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Manufacturing is a broad term and is the backbone of the global economies. The manufacturing business involves effectively managing product life cycles and fulfilling customer demands. For increased productivity, it requires proper handling of raw materials and finished goods and efficient management of labour, distribution, transportation and inventory. Responding to the client needs and controlling supplier and vendor management is the key to successful business in the manufacturing sector. Companies in this field need to manage processes despite the fierce competition and various challenges faced by them.

Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries,which is constantly seeking solutions to simplify operations.This domain is facing several challenges including demand fluctuations, regulatory issues, capacity underutilisation and margin pressures. Though product life cycles are reducing by the day, there is a continuous increase in manufacturing costs. In addition to that, the rise of the emerging markets as the strongest players in these domains has created a new configuration for the evolving process manufacturing business environment.

Discrete Manufacturing

The Discrete Manufacturing Industry is constantly looking for ways to manage the supply chain efficiently by keeping the costs low and improving customer service and profitability.The rise in consumer demand has led to new technologies and methods of producing goods. The principal challenges faced by this industry include the cost of transportation, increasing global competition, higher customer demands, managing suppliers, etc…



Your company has done a very good job in SAP GST connector implementation process. First of all you understood our operations and systems very well. You have followed all our guidelines and requirements. The time delivery and response time was prompt. The reports being generated are as per our requirement and serve our purpose. Overall working with you has been a good experience.

Benjamin Tickle, Project Manager
Hofmann Engineering and Marketing Private Limited